41 Pretty and Cute Amigurumi Ideas for This Year 2021

Are you like us, Amigurumi crochet animal lover? We can not resist them! Here is a selection of our oversized Amigurumi creations. We call them Maxigurumi because our yarn designs are much larger than stuffed animals that can be made from fine cotton yarn. Our Amigurumi creations are a fun accessory, a crocheted toy or a decoration for the nursery.
If you can do tricks and know the simple crochet stitch, you can create beautiful Amigurumi motifs. The only difference between creating regular crochet and amigurumi projects is sewing and padding. There are also tips to keep your Amigurumi moving forward. Amigurumi should not be intimidating, so we demystify ourselves, right?

Amigurumi needs tight seams so that the filling does not come out and the project looks more professional. I recommend choosing at least one hook size smaller than recommended on the wire label. For example, if the wire pendant suggests using a H / 5.00mm hook, I would rather use a G / 4.00mm hook.

What is Amigurumi? Only the most fashionable trend for crocheting is what. Say it now with me: friend-goo-roo-me. (At least I think you say so?) Amigurumi refers to the stuffed things; Animals, toys, dolls, objects … the list goes on and on. New to Amigurumi? You will want to read my favorite Amigurumi tips and tricks!

The feathers characterize this crocheted turkey. They work in two different colors and have a brown border to keep all colors constant. They are an essential feature of this adorable stuffed animal. This is the kind of project most people think of when they want to make an Amigurumi turkey. This is the most classic design of the abstract.

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