Awesome New Year Best Ombre Nail Ideas for 2021

Ombre, hair is a bit challenging and time-consuming process, although the nails are so easy and practical. This requires a small piece of sponge and two different shades of nail polish. You can also use a nail protector.

Clean your nails first. Then apply the protector. Use one of the nail polishes as a base. Apply two coats of your choice to the sponge. Then apply the other color of your choice to the tip of the sponge. After applying the nail polish to the sponge, apply it to your fingernail or, as another procedure, apply the nail polish to a floor and press the sponge. Then place the sponge on your nails. Ombre occurred instantly on your nails.

Now, clean the nail polish with the help of cotton swabs with acetone. If it is difficult to clean it later, you may apply vaseline or cream to your fingernails first. Finally, with a transparent nail polish to make your ombre nails more permanent make a fold transition.

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