51 Gorgeous and Stylish Crochet CARDIGAN for Women 2021

This collection is a collection of 10 free pattern crochet jackets by AllFreeCrochet. I recently started crocheting my own cardigans. Although I have only published one so far, I create others. I’m starting to really appreciate that. Also, I can design a cardigan the way I really wanted, rather than having to buy what I want or can and do not need to be adjusted and adjusted.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-crochet cardigan, the daily crocheted cardigan is for you! It is very friendly for beginners, building is an art game and you will feel warm and comfortable in no time. (We talk more about this cardigan under the motive – keep scrolling!)

Enter the kit to bring this pattern to your size with a printout of the Lion Brand website instructions !! You will receive all the Touch of Alpaca yarn you need to make the vest in your size, and a printed copy of the sample below, delivered directly to your door.

I had found all those cardigans too, but since there were so many, I had to divide them into two different positions.

So here they are. A selection of the many beautiful sweater patterns that I found. All are free models.

This week, I also worked on my own creations. I love Halloween, so I wanted to create the perfect spider pattern in preparation.

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