40 CROCHET SHAWL Images and ideas for Spring and Winter 2021

We came to this transitional year of the year when the time can not be decided! On some days you have the impression that spring is in full bloom, and others have the impression that winter will not stop! That said, it’s a good time to make lightweight, transitional scarves and shawls. I collected 15 free crochet patterns to choose from. Regardless of your style, you will surely find 1 or 10 options for your Spring wardrobe

Whether you prefer scarves and lace scarves, boho or modern, this collection includes models for every taste! Many of them are strand projects or large dust collectors and use all sorts of yarns, the thickest yarns. Which one do you prefer? Have you even tried one of these models? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Maybe it’s all the pumpkin spice that comes out everywhere, or maybe it’s a hot summer, but I have a bad case of fall fever.

To celebrate the long-awaited cold weather, I’ve put together 14 crocheted scarf motifs to keep you warm this fall.

I love to crochet scarves because they are very versatile and comfortable. These are the perfect layers for almost everything.

Whether you want to pack something for a morning walk, a diaper that can easily be worn while walking in the city, or something you can take with you at an autumn wedding – this item has a pattern that suits every occasion. ,

Hold on tight and grab the hooks, it’s a shell season and I can not get enough.

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