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Creative block happens to everyone. Even the most accomplished artists experience times when they can’t find ideas for things to draw. It’s easy to feel frustrated when you want to be creative but can’t seem to find a way to channel that energy onto your paper.

If you are feeling a lack of creativity, don’t worry! You can find new drawing ideas nearly everywhere. In this article, you’ll find several lists of things to draw, which can spark your imagination—even when you feel especially uninspired.

To help you develop more long-term inspiration, we’ve also included a variety of exercises that can help awaken your inner muse. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional artist, these practices will help you break out of your comfort zone and find fresh drawing ideas.

Sometimes, getting your pencil or pen moving is all you need to unlock your creativity. If you’re wondering, “What should I draw?” we have plenty of inspiration for you. Below, find a list of 40 simple things to draw that can either stand on their own or serve as a starting place for your next masterpiece.

If you want to learn how to draw a woman, it may be better to learn how to draw a face. Beautiful women’s portraits are easy to draw once you understand. We asked Loish to show us how to draw a woman’s face, one step at a time. Download the PDF to download at the end of this tutorial if you want to keep a copy forever.

How do you draw female faces?
This tutorial is a complete presentation of my own facial drawing process and is by no means a strict guide. As an artist, it’s best to develop a technique and approach that works for you. That’s how I developed this process. The key points to keep in mind throughout the drawing process are:

Expression: What kind of emotion should the face represent? Try to choose an expression that says something about the character’s condition (peaceful, angry, vulnerable, etc.). In the interest of this tutorial, I will draw a face with a relatively neutral expression and a direct point of view, but it is worth exploring more expressions than simple neutral or empty expressions.
Life: I do not try to focus too much on “correct” things (symmetry, perfect details, flexibility, etc.), but to give the face a sense of life and personality. I try to retain the personality of the original sketch in the final result and leave the smallest details at the end.

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