38+ Amazing and Cute New Christmas Nails Decoration Ideas 2021

At Christmas we always want to be perfect and we also get used to wearing spectacular nails. If you are not an expert in that discipline and you want to wear a beautiful nail during these holidays, do not miss this article in which we tell you all about CHRISTMAS NAILS 2019. Within these Christmas nails 2019 you can check that there are many different styles: Christmas nails elegant, Christmas nails with stones, red Christmas nails and Christmas nails simple and easy to make.

The first example that we present to you, is a somewhat more elaborate style but at the same time it is very elegant and can serve you for any event and occasion during this festive season. All you have to do is choose colors that represent Christmas, in this particular case, focusing on Spring Summer and the cold. In this way we have chosen the white color (try to choose a well pigmented one so that the color of your nail is not transparent), the blue color and the golden color. To give it a unique tque we have made some flakes with metallic and white paper to stick it on the nails and we have also added glitter and shiny stones. A very festive manicure and perfect for the time.

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