36+ Fabulous Acrylic Nails Art Design And Ideas In 2021

The handshake is one of the first things anyone notices at the first greeting, whether formal or informal. And when it comes to women, they always want their hands to be as beautiful as they are. To improve the beauty of the hands, in addition to softness and form, the nails play an important role. It depends completely on the type of nail you like, but the basis of any nail art is that it must be clean and tidy. Some women like small nails, others long shapes and forms of manicure are just another story.
If you have long, strong natural nails, half of your problem is already solved. Now, you just need interesting nail art designs for that. But if you do not have long nails, if your nails do not grow faster, or if they break after reaching a certain length, you have to switch to acrylic nails. In artificial nails, there is acrylic, gel and silk, which are very popular. Most women prefer gel nails because they are stronger than silk. Basically, if you want to attend an event immediately on short notice and want your nails to look great, acrylic nails are a quick fix. There are so many beautiful nails that you can choose.
The procedure
Basically, pretty acrylic nails can not be obtained through an economic procedure. You have to pay for it. To get gel nails, you have to go to a salon. For these nails, mix a gel and a powder, then apply it on your natural nail using a brush. As soon as the mixture comes into contact with the air, it becomes hard. It has a strong aroma and most people do not like it. After this procedure you can get your favorite designs for nail polish. To harden the mixture, it is necessary to keep it under UV (under supervision) for two minutes so that it hardens properly.
This is the thing that fears a lot about gel nail designs. You must visit your beauty salon every two or three weeks for a perfect interview. They will fill your manicure with the mixture. This filling is necessary because the real nails grow and the need for acrylic continues. If you do not visit the salon regularly, your beautiful nails will not be so beautiful. On top of that, you have to be very careful about what you are touching with your nails. Because when acrylic enamel patterns come into contact with heat, they melt and release an odor you will never like. And if your nails, by mistake, are hit by a drawer or something, the whole design of the manicure chips looks like a flea. In this case, it is necessary to visit the salon because this break in enamel patterns will lead to fungal infections. Although the removal of gel nails is quite easy. You can remove it by dipping the nails in nail polish remover for 15 to 20 minutes. But the move should be done initially in the living room.

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