35+ Cute and Stylish Crochet Sweater and Top Ideas 2021

Beginners and the more experienced will find their happiness in this selection of free crochet patterns. Each of these cardigans, sweaters and shoulders does not require a special shape, so you can confidently wear your first (or tenth) dress.

Until this year, I only had knitwear. Once I immersed myself in the world of knitted sweaters – and have developed my own knit sweaters for free – I realized that they can be absolutely fashionable, easy to make and often MUCH faster. that a knitted sweater! (You can find all my free crochet patterns here!)

Now that I’m here, I see so many incredible free knit sweaters floating on the internet that I’ve decided to show you some of my favorites for you in the same place.

Nobody would guess that you created this beautiful cardigan figure from a simple rectangle. Made of very soft yarn for a comfortable look, but not too bulky, you will come again and again to catch this crocheted sweater for beginners. Find part 1 of the free template below, part 2 here, or buy the full ad-free printed PDF with parts 1 and 2 for $ 2.75 here.

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