21 Fabulous Glitter Nail Design Ideas for This Year 2021

Shiny nails are simply more festive and comfortable to wear. Sequins are the universally brilliant nail color. There is only something about this glint on your fingers that makes you smile. Are you going to a party? Go to the beach? Want to eat mochi on your couch while you watch Will & Grace until you feel better in the world? Shiny nails are a hit for all occasions! Honestly, was there ever a time when bright nails were unpopular? We really do not believe that. If so, then we are happy not to be able to remember it.

To get looks in this gallery, special tools and techniques may be required: you need a base coat (clear coat), a base coat and bold colors you like, sparkling powder (optional, but recommended if you like the sparkly textured look) , a top coat, a small brush (to cleanse the skin around the nail), nail band (if you work with traditional French or reverse colors with hard lines)) and solvents to clean up the messy edges.

If you like the color tone trend, you can quickly overlay your sequins or use a make-up sponge to apply every layer. If you like precision nail art or French tips, invest in nail band. You will get a clear line where you want it, and the special glue will not damage the underlying polishing layers. When you make a complete nail, you can simply paint it with a clear base coat and then glisten it while the paint is still wet. If you want to apply more dust than full opacity, you can sprinkle with wet paint. You can also use your nail band to get precision lines with this technique.

You know the other amazing thing about glitter polish? It does not stick like ordinary paint. It is true. It is brilliant and invincible. Just like you go to the nail polish!

It’s an idea of ​​nail polish that you can easily remove at home. Thumb, forefinger and ring finger are beautifully painted dark brown. The little finger and the middle finger are painted with a pink glitter paint, and the middle finger has a second layer of iridescent hexagonal glitter paint as a top coat. Easy!

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