57+ Really Cute Glitter Nail Designs! You Will Love 2021

If you believe in the power of shine, you know there is nothing better than wearing shiny nails! They look so beautiful and they are ideal for almost any occasion. If you want to consolidate the trend of manicure with glitter, we have a summary of the simplest nail designs with glitter. Some of them are cute, and some are very complex, because a small trinket does not hurt anyone. Want to know how you can get a salon, like shiny nails at home? Keep reading and shine a crazy diamond!

For all lovers of pastel shades, this lavender glitter design is perfect for spring or summer. This simplified design emphasizing the ring finger is very easy to recreate. You can also use other shades, such as purple or pink, if you wish.

Step 1: Start by coloring all your nails, except the ring finger, with lavender. Be sure to apply two coats for a smooth, even finish.
Step 2: Use a multicolored gloss varnish, for example, Butter London Nail Polish in a “Bubbly Jubbly” shade.
Step 3: Apply the top coat to all your nails and let it dry.
Your nail design is complete! Is not it incredibly easy?

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