54+ Cute and fabulous Summer Nail Design Ideas For This Year 2021

Nail design is a way to show our character and to be original. When you see somebody with exciting nails, your eyes are immediately drawn to them. Let’s face it, we all want sexy summer nails this season, but some of us are not that good at nail design. Nail design can look great, but it’s hard to do it yourself. Do not panic, we at Stay Glam have developed 35 bright summer nail designs for everyone. We have simple, bold, shiny, bright and fantastic nails. If you see these awesome nail designs, do not look back and use them all year round, not just in the summer. You can always add darker colors to your design. Have fun looking at our summer nails, and we hope you will try different styles!

The more colors, the better. This is summer. With these perfect summer-colored nails you present your summer page and your happy side. Black color is not so severe in bright colors. This is a way to soften dark colors in your nail box. Choose bright colors for the thumb and first finger and mix with a touch of shine and nails. This gorgeous design for the Sunset Nail attracts attention and refers to the summer.

In recent years, fruit has been a popular choice for nails and fashion. This cute watermelon design will melt your heart. Well, this is not a specific watermelon, but gives the illusion of a watermelon. It’s easy and everyone can do it. Pastel pink, mint green and white tones are perfectly combined. Complete your accent nail with a watermelon look. Do not forget to wait for the nail polish to dry until you start with a different color. Watermelon needs black 3 points, so do not forget it!

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