54+ Cool and New farmhouse living room Design ideas


The bold style is cute and comfortable, it is perfect for families as it creates a wonderful atmosphere. We have already discussed how to decorate a kitchen in this style and now let’s consider some living rooms. A living room that is a family room was created to spend time with family and friends, so turn it into a paradise of comfort: wooden ceiling beams, shabby chic rustic furniture, natural wood and stone in the furnishings and a splendid stone fireplace. The color combinations can be different: calm and pastel or, on the contrary, bright and modeled there are ideas for everyone, let yourself be inspired!

Ideas for furnishing the living room in a farmhouse

The bold style is charming and comfortable, it is ideal for families because it creates a magnificent environment. We have just seen how to beautify a kitchen in this style and now we should see two or three living rooms. A living room that is a family room is made to get to know your family and companions, so turn it into a paradise of comfort wooden columns, elegant decrepit rural furniture, regular wood and stone in a stylistic layout and an incredible stone fireplace. The shading plans can be unique: silent and pastel or, unexpectedly, splendid and designed.

But even if you currently live in an urban apartment, you can still create a cozy atmosphere in your home by including rustic antiques and a simple color palette. If you want to add country charm to your home, the 135 decor examples below show easy-to-reproduce design ideas for your living room.


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