44+ Best Best Trends in Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021

We usually spend a lot of time in our kitchens between preparing meals during the week, preparing Sunday meals and receiving friends. It is also one of the first rooms that guests see, and is at the center of the festive meetings. For all these reasons, keeping our kitchen fresh, elegant and functional is perhaps more important than any other room in the house. But trends in kitchen design are moving fast. To keep up with the pace, we turned to experts on Houzz and Trulia’s kitchen trends to find out their forecasts for the main 2019 kitchen trends as well as official trends. Read the main trends below before painting kitchen cabinets or updating the panel.

According to the Houzz professionals in home design, in 2019, kitchen shields will have an even greater impression when designers build tiles up to the ceiling. An elegant kitchen, rather than a tile on the counter, has an entire wall of tiles. This look adds consistency and visual interest to any kitchen, as demonstrated in an impeccable kitchen on top of designer Nam Dang-Mitchell.

While Houz notes that glass and steel entrance doors and showers have been on trend for several years, this trend is starting to grow even for internal partitions. When used to separate the kitchen and living room, these transparent partitions can keep food odors and noise in the kitchen, creating the visual effect of a large open plan. If you are not sold in an open space, but want your space to feel connected, this is the solution. The transparent partition looks incredible in a Paris apartment shown in the Joe Cup.

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