42 Easy Eyeshow Images, Apply Eyeshadow Ideas and Beauty Images ! 2021

Eyeshadow is one of those make-up techniques that require time, practice and patience. Lipstick is (relatively) easy – your lips eventually tell you which lines to follow – and there are just a few ways to make a cat look. Eyeshadow, however, requires a little more finesse. The perfect eyeshadow is to choose the best colors for the color and shape of your eyes and blend together well. And while we’re all ready to do it the way you want, some tips and tricks will help you find the look you want.

As the seasons change, so does my make-up. As far as my basic products are concerned, the change is necessarily necessary: ​​in cold weather and by reducing humidity, I focus more on the moisture of the skin and less on the taming of my oily T-zone. , However, in terms of eyes and lips, there is more freedom to experiment and have fun. That’s why I’m taking notes on all of the big eyeshadow trends of the fall of 2018. N Everyone can make-up eyeshadow. When you read this, it is time to reinforce your shadow play in the event. If you are wondering how to do it, do not ask me – ask a professional make-up artist. Apart from the fact that I have already done it for you, please be welcome.

Emmy award winner Andrew Sotomayor is aware of the new trends in fall make-up and likes to put them to the test with his famous customers. “Autumn is my favorite season because it’s easier in warm weather to store clothes and make-up fun, knowing that hot weather will not make it disappear.”

So, what’s the eye program this season? Sotomayor breaks down the three main trends, which in his opinion will be major turning points, all of which will go down.

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