42 Cute Animal and Cartoon Character Amigurumi Crochet For Your Baby

Amigurumi has been a big trend in the world of crocheting for some time now, offering a welcome change to those who are tired of making blankets, hats and gloves. This collection of free Amigurumi patterns offers a variety of cute stuffed animals for young and old.

Get ready for the autumn and forest art theme! Please join Mr. Furu, the Fox Amigurumi, the latest Amigurumi crochet pattern from the Craft Passion Library.

Mr. Furu, the Amigurumi Fox is about 10 cm tall. It was a hook with a 3.5 mm hook in the color of orange, white and black acrylic threads. In contrast to the normal method of the Amigurumi hook, the Amigurumi fox pattern calls “split-single-hook point”. Some may know it as a “hook stitch” or “vest stitch” in which the hook is inserted between the legs of the next stitch. If you use a single split hook stitch in this pattern, the color scheme stays vertical throughout the round. (Warnings: Do not try to crochet it with a normal simple hook (American terms), it will not work in the right proportions in terms of size, shape and color.)

I wish I could photograph the horse, the unicorn and the zebra together, but I have already offered two. I hope they are loved in their new home, and I hope you can create your own creation with my free Amigurumi pattern!

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