Hello. I added a new one to my Amigurumi works, for which I have been pausing for a long time. The contest was organized by 10Monet and Hobium.
site for years, I like to follow and I’m happy to be a part. There have already been many wonderful competitions that I have not been able to attend. This year, I forced my options and I wanted to participate in this beautiful event. And as a beginner and novice in sewing, I prepared this work on the theme of the New Year.
Some models require pipe cleaners and plastic grommets to protect them from mold. Of course, you can always sew your own eyes by hand with these pretty animal crochet patterns. I hope you will like these Amigurumi patterns as much as me!

This octopus crochet pattern is simply cute and adorable. How can you help smile by holding an armful of these happy floating octopus? I like the vision in how many different colors you can make this octopus Amigurumi.

I’m just in love with this motive that is close to my heart. That’s what inspired our first hook “Send a Unicorn”. Do not you have the time to pick an Amigurumi unicorn to brighten others’ day? So hurt to send one. A magic unicorn box will make you smile again and again when you look at it.

It’s the most adorable and elegant crochet giraffe I’ve ever seen. This blue bow tie is perfect for James. You speak of a smile! This little guy will surely send tons. The best part, he does not need time to do it. I like a super simple model.

It’s a delicious fish that can live on the water! You can do this little man several times, tie it to a string and hang it in your baby’s room. An other idea? Sew with velcro strips and one with a fishing rod. A beautiful indoor activity!

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