40+ New and Trend Christmas Nails and Nail Polish Decoration Ideas

At Christmas we always take care of all the details to be beautiful: we prepare our body weeks before, we pamper our skin, we carefully choose the best looks for the most indicated dates and … we dress our gala nails for these great days! But what Christmas nail design goes best with you? Quiet, from Diario Femenino we have made a classification for you to choose from more than 70 easy and fun Christmas nail designs, we do not want to give you the grapes!

The glitter is the king of parties: in dresses, in tops, in eyeshadows and, also, in your nails. Choose a color that goes well with most of your looks and try to paint your nails 100% with brilli brilli or draw small details such as Christmas balls or candy canes. Of course, among the tones you choose you can not miss the gold or silver.

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