38+ Christmas Awesome Nails Design and Decoration Ideas 2021

Christmas is another time of the year in which we can add a temporary theme to our Nail Art decorations. Christmas nail designs can range from plain colors, always red, to traces of Santa Claus, snowflakes or Christmas trees, going through prints full of glitter, gold and silver.

So that your nails are always in line with the moment, today we show you 3 suggestions of Christmas designs for nails that will give that final touch to your look. Keep in mind that for these decorations and for any other Christmas manicure you will need some basic colors of enamels: red, dark green, white, brown, gold and silver.

The metallic and bright red tones are ideal for any Christmas design for nails. Paint your nails with a base of this color and then paint the details with white enamel.

To draw the dots, stars and other ornaments, you must get a manicure punch. This tool is essential in any manicure drawer. They are economical and easy to find, and will open the way to many Nail Art designs

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