32+ Fabulous Ways to Wear Glitter Nails Like a Princess


Glitter nails never go out of style in Byrdie HQ. Whether it’s a light flash or a pleasure, glossy nails always have a place in our hearts and in our Instagram feed. But when Christmas comes, shiny nails trigger a new wave of popularity. We want everything to shine and shine a little more. Whether with pieces of thick shine, star ornaments or ultra-thin shine, if it is bright, we want it on our nails.

Humans are visual beings who love reinventing themselves in the smallest parts of the body, such as their nails, through design and art, so bright nails and other nail designs were invented. Some people who want to have their own custom nail art go to nail posts or spas just to make them.

Nail art is the art of decorating the nails of the hands and feet with different patterns using nail polish and other ornaments. If you are new to nail art, it is better to have short nails, since this is the best canvas you can have. With a little polishing, a touch of color and a touch of shine, you can make the best gloss nails you can ask for.


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